To reach out to adolescents and youth in the parishes, POPCOM-10 has forged a partnership with ACDO regarding the conduct of classes on sexually healthy and personally effective (SHAPE) in the different parishes in Region-10.  To recall, series of meetings and workshops were conducted by POPCOM and ADCO last year to finalize and modify the SHAPE module to be used by church members on their ASRH/SHAPE classes.  A modified module on SHAPE with the integration of Spiritual Dimensions was produced by POPCOM-10 and ACDO.  

For the church members to effectively teach the SHAPE module in parishes, POPCOM 10 and ACDO came to an agreement that the lecturers of ACDO be trained on how to use the SHAPE Module with teachings on spirituality.  Consequently, the SHAPE training was conducted on March 25, 2017, at the Bishop’s Palace.  This was joined by 40 Church members of ACDO who would be lecturers on SHAPE.  POPCOM funded this training and ACDO took charge of inviting the participants. With this training given to them, more classes on ASRH will expect to be conducted in the parishes.  It is worthy to note that the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro (ACDO) has been POPCOM-10’s staunch partner in addressing the unmet need for modern natural family planning.