Regional Population Office to spread POPDEV awareness to adolescents at such a young age and in response to the YAFSS4 result showing that 32.5% of adolescents are getting their sexuality information not from their parents neither the schools but from their peers, POPCOM 10 piloted 11 secondary schools in Cagayan de Oro for re-organization of POPDEV Club. These 11 schools have had POPDEV Clubs before with RPO X assisting their activities but with a shift of priorities, many soon ceased to function. The re-organization was done last October taking off with a consultation and organizational meetings with DEPED Supervisors, school principals, POPDEV moderators, POPCOM AHD Coordinator and student leaders. POPCOM-10 initiated these meetings with help from the Division of Secondary Schools and the CID of Cagayan de Oro City. During one of the meetings, there was a workshop that enabled the schools to identify possible activities they can conduct in their school as POPDEV Club activity. Taking it from the workshop outputs, POPCOM is confident that the initiatives will raise the level of awareness among the young people even at an early stage. To motivate the student leaders of POPDEV Clubs to spread their wings and make POPDEV Club active and useful, POPCOM-10 will conduct the first POPDEV Club Summit in Region 10 on November 24-25, 2017. The 11 pilot schools will be invited to this activity and each school will present their action plan for next year. During this summit, POPCOM 10 will also present the criteria for Best POPDEV Club which will be awarded this coming March 2018.