This 3-day workshop conceptualized by Doc Roy Gavino of Mindanao Health was conducted on March 21-25 at the Saddle Ridge in Dahilayan Bukidnon. All provincial population officers, as well as provincial and city health officers, attended this workshop.

This was pursued to consolidate the accomplishments of Region-10 on responsible parenthood and family planning (RPFP), particularly, consolidating unmet need identified and those who have been given services.

During the workshop, POPCOM-10 provided the list of couples with the unmet need identified by the BPVs during home visits and classes on RPFP, and the FP coordinators tried to match their records with that of POPCOM’s by checking the records of the RHUs using the target client lists so that those unmet need identified by POPCOM that were already given FP methods were cleared in the database as served. The consolidation of unmet need identified and served by POPCOM and DOH was a quite heavy task that the training team and the FP coordinators decided to conduct roll-out on this activity in the provinces to thoroughly consolidate all FP records with the participation of the rural health midwives and nurses. DOH will fund the provincial rollouts. Bukidnon was set ahead per request of their development management officer (DMO). The rollout in Bukidnon will be on April 26-27. Other provinces will follow. This activity showed the spirit of partnership among PPMP partners in Northern Mindanao, which is—solid, united and goal-driven.