Press Release
May 27, 2021

The Commission on Population and Development – Region X (POPCOM X) intensifies the promotion and implementation of Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Program (RPFP) through the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning for Labor Force Empowerment (RPFP4LFE) project.  

POPCOM 10 continues to partner with big companies in Northern Mindanao to reach out couples and individuals in the private sector for the provision of Family Planning (FP) services. This is in line with the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Department Order No. 56-03: “Rationalizing the Implementation of Family Welfare Program (FWP)” focusing on the provision of family welfare services to workers where Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RPRH) is the first among the 10 dimensions of the program.  

The RPFP4LFE project  will enable men & women in the labor force to achieve their fertility goals and reproductive health by improving their access to RPFP information and services.  It aims to generate demand for family planning among workers in different sectors, and to serve unmet need for family planning.  It prioritizes the workers in large companies (200 and above employees), workers in micro, small, and medium enterprises and the informal sector.  Some of the strategies of this project include planning and consultation workshops with employers and employees, capacity building activities for Human Resource (HR) officers, physicians, nurses, and other health service providers on RPFP; and establishment of referral system for  the employees to access services at the nearest health facility or family planning service provider.  

Employees are expected to benefit from this project such as reduced unexpected absences of employees due to pregnancy-related concerns or complications and other post-partum challenges.  With these families being able to achieve their desired number of children, it will increase their capacity to provide the basic needs of their children, work-family related conflict will be minimized and  improve their capacity to save. Thus, ensuring the well-being of the family.

At the company level, RPFP4LFE brings tangible returns to investment.    It is a cost-saving  mechanism for business.  Costs that can be saved due to averted pregnancy,  productivity loss, opportunity cost of advancing  SSS, paternity leave pay, and other maternity benefits.

To date, POPCOM X has already engaged with 5 large companies in the region.  These are the Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI), Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco) in Bukidnon,  SM Cagayan de Oro, San Miguel Archangel-Janitorial Messengerial and Allied  Services, Inc. (SMA-JMASI) and the Lanao del Norte Electric Cooperative (LANECO) in Lanao del Norte.  So far, a total of 2,748 households (1,500 from DMPI and 1,248 from Rebisco) have been profiled in terms of their reproductive health status.  

POPCOM X will continue to coordinate with these companies in partnership with stakeholders to achieve the objective of the project as it is envisioned that companies can create an enabling environment to help  workers achieve maximum productivity.