Press Release
November 17, 2020

To ensure that family planning services are provided expeditiously in the local levels, the Commission on Population and Development – Region X (POPCOM-X) through its highly trained and duly certified staff had conducted a progestin-only subdermal implant (PSI) training with the nurses and midwives of selected population offices in the Province of Misamis Oriental last October 27-28, 2020.

The training, the first of its kind by a POPCOM regional office, was aimed to capacitate the population officers thereby enabling them to provide direct and immediate family planning services to the clients in their respective areas especially amidst Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. In addition, the training aims to empower the population offices to conduct their PSI outreach activities solitarily or without technical dependence from POPCOM-X.

During the 2-day course, the trainees listened to lectures on PSI as a family planning method; action mechanism; counselling; and client assessment and management of potential complications.

Before certification is issued by the Department of Health (DOH), trainees are required to perform PSI insertion to 20 individuals hence the outreach program on the second day. Furthermore, prior admission in the PSI course, the trainees had also passed the Family Planning Competency-Based Training (FPCBT-1).

A total of 68 clients were provided with progestin-only subdermal implants (PSI); 5 clients for pills; and 4 for injectables. The activity was conducted with minimum health standards applied at the POPCOM-X’s compound.

Appreciative of the training initiated by POPCOM-X, the trained population officers agreed to facilitate more family planning outreach activities in their areas, and also volunteered to participate in the next outreach activities of POPCOM-X for full immersion.

In a statement, POPCOM-X Regional Director Jeremias Gupit said that, “The pandemic will not stop us from providing family planning services to our clients. It is even much needed now more than ever to expand by training more health providers to ensure that our services are unhampered and easily accessed by the clients.”

POPCOM-X is set to conduct more PSI trainings for population officers early next year.