The Commission on Population Region 10 celebrates Family Planning Month with the theme “Breastfeeding and Family Planning: Keys to Sustainable Development.” This theme highlights the importance and benefits of breastfeeding not only to infants but to the whole family.

Breastfeeding or lactational amenorrhea (LAM) Method is one of the natural family planning methods which is commonly used by mothers especially in our country. It is universally available to all postpartum breastfeeding women and is proven to be 99.5 % effective. The use of lam contributes to improved maternal and child health nutrition.

When using this method, the following important criteria must be followed: 1) the mother is fully or nearly fully breastfeeding her infant; 2) her menstruation has not returned; 3) her infant is less than 6 months old. If either of the criteria is no longer present, the mother must decide to use another method of family planning.

In terms of benefits, breastfeeding does wonder for both mother and child. It provides the baby with the best possible nutrition. Breastmilk can also protect babies from diarrhea and many other childhood illnesses. Aside from it is practically convenient and economical, breastfeeding is an effective temporary method of family planning as it suppresses menstruation for a period of time.

Many did not know that full breastfeeding is already a natural method of family planning. Within a period of time, day, and first six (6) months after childbirth, the mother will not have menstruation as a natural effect of full breastfeeding.