World Population Day (WPD) is celebrated every 11th of July. It is an international level awareness to call people on stage and pay their full attention to the issue of unmanaged population. It is a worldwide wakeup call to those who deeply slept and are unaware or apathetic on the effects of overpopulation.

This year’s WPD local theme is: “INVESTING IN ADOLESCENT GIRLS.”

Based on the 2010 Philippine Population Census, Region 10 has 957,474 adolescents between the ages 10 to 19 and 468,952 of them are girls Research shows that participants and beneficiaries of youth programs are primarily “male”, sometimes by as much as 80-90% which means that girls are being left behind.

The UNFPA reports said that investing in girls is the single most powerful investment for development. Fulfilling the rights of Adolescent Girls to health, education, and protection from violence and abuse – ensures their chance to achieve physical, emotional, and social potential, and can go on to become empowered women who can support their families, communities, and countries.

As an act of investing in adolescent girls, POPCOM-10 coordinates to its Provincial and City Population Officers (P/CPOs) to implement various Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD) activities in 2016. Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health (ASRH) classes have been conducted in public high schools region-wide, U4U roll-outs are intensified in schools and communities, the conduct of Inter-School Independent Film Making Contest and Festival sustained, and financial and technical support to eight (8) Teen Centers are provided. All these activities educate young people most especially adolescent girls on healthy lifestyles and responsible sexuality to mitigate if not eradicate the incidence of teenage pregnancy, STI, HIV, and AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, and other youth-related problems.

Other highlights in the World Population Day are Press Conference, and birthday celebration of the six (6) 100 Millionth babies on July 27, 2016