The Regional Population Office 10 has strengthened the functions of the Barangay Service Point Officers (BSPOs )in the cities and municipalities. A new training titled “Training for Barangay Population Volunteers (BPVs) on Identifying and Linking Unmet Need for Family Planning (FP) to Service Facility” was conducted. This aims to capacitate the BSPOs in addressing the unmet need for modern FP. Region-10 has a total of 1,400 BSPOs. In the 4th quarter, 600 BSPOs were trained in 9 batches. The rest of the BSPOS trained within the first quarter of 2016. Details of training conducted for the BSPOS are tabled below:

The topics discussed in the training were: 1) overview on Philippine Family Planning Program, 2) Understanding Volunteerism, 3) Interpersonal Communication and Counselling, 4) Family Planning, 5) Concept of Fertility/Joint Fertility, 6) Philippine Clinical Standards on Modern Family Planning, 7) Myths and Misconceptions on Family Planning and 8) Informed Choice and Voluntarism.

After the training, the BSPO started to do home visits to couples of reproductive age within their barangays. The BSPOs tasks include: identifying couples with unmet needs; explain to them the importance of family planning; present the different FP methods using the flip charts given to them during the training; and, refer clients to the RHUs for the method of their choice. The BSPOs will also gather data on teenage pregnancy and some POPDEV Indicators.

Summary of training for the BSPOs:

Date conducted Structure No. of BSPOs trained
October 26-29 (Batch 1&2) Bukidnon and Misamis Occidental 87
November 4-6 (Batch 3) Bukidnon 42
November 11-13 (Batch 4&5) Lanao del Norte and Misamis Occidental 105
November 17-19 (Batch 6&7) Lanao del Norte and Misamis Occidental 96
November 24-26 (Batch 8-9) Lanao del Norte and Bukidnon 102
TOTAL BSPOs Trained   432