The rise of teenage pregnancy has been one of the biggest challenges of POPCOM in conjunction with the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS, early marriage and maternal deaths among young people.

The approval of Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RPRH) law has ignited POPCOM and other partner agencies to further intensify it’s Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) Program. The AHD Program of POPCOM aims to reduce by half the proportion of adolescents who have begun childbearing from 13% to 6% by 2022 and to achieve zero repeated pregnancies among minors who have begun childbearing.

POPCOM sees this as one strategy to address the above-mentioned issues. The popularization of AHD short films to high school students will inform and educate them on the negative effects of the early sexual encounter. Films are appealing to the Millenials because they are inclined with screens and visuals.

Film showings were conducted to high school students on September 12 to 13, 2017. A total of 150 high school students from Molugan National High School, Carmen National High School, Jasaan National High School, Colegio de Santo Niño de Jasaan, and Bobuntugan National High School attended the activity. Four films were shown to the participants and each film has a 20-minute length. A focus group discussion (FGD) for each film was conducted in order for the young people to understand deeply the core messages of the films.

The films shown were Positive of Region4A, Orasan and Mata Na of Region 10 and Kapit-os of Region 11. All of these were made by high school students and these were the winning entries of POPCOM’s Inter-School National Film Making Contest and Festival for the last three years.