Gender sensitivity orientation was conducted on July 5, 2016, at the Function Hall of Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC). This activity was organized by the administrators of NMMC as part of the agency’s gender and development (GAD) program.

Eleven batches were set for this year and the program will run until December 2016. The GAD of NMMC aims to educate all its staff and workers about gender and development and this sensitivity orientation is the first step towards more GAD programs and projects in the years to come.

The first batch—conducted on July 5 was attended by Divisions Chiefs of the mentioned hospital headed by the Medical Center Director—Dr. Jose C. Chan and Chief Medical Professional–Dr. Ramon F. Moreno.

The orientation was handled by the Information Officer III of POPCOM 10–Mr. Jeremias L. Cabasan who discussed the basic concepts of gender and gender-related issues, and POCOM-10 Director Mr. Jeremias C. Gupit who facilitated the discussion about gender laws and policies in the Philippines; Violence Against Women and Children (VAW-C); and, Overview of the KATROPA Program of the Commission on Population.

During the closing program, the NMMC administrators and Division Chiefs who have attended the activity expressed very good impressions about how POPCOM conducted the orientating. Giving a very high rating to the orientation, they requested POPCOM-10 to handle the remaining 10 batches.

Gender and Development is one of the major programs of the Commission on Population. Orientations and training that POPCOM conducts all aim to contribute to the reduction of any gender-based discrimination and biases as well as reduce VAW-C cases.