Press Release
June 26, 2018

To realize the goal and objectives of Executive Order No. 12 issued by Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte, POPCOM, DOH, and DILG Regional Offices – 10 joined-up to ensure that all-level implementation teams on RPRH Law are put in place around the Region. Making use of EO 12, DOH Administrative Order 05 and DILG Memo Circular 085—all for “strict implementation of RPRH Law”, the three agencies mentioned conducted series of activities until finally, provincial, city and municipal implementation teams (PIT, CIT, MIT) were created. Of the eighty-three (83) LGUs in Region-10, seventy-five (75) have set-up a functional implementation team. This improvement can project more efficient planning, implementing and reporting of RPRH activities at all levels of LGU structures. POPCOM and DOH co-shared the cost of orientation on EO12 and DILG MC 085 for all Local Government Operations Officers (LGOOs) done in 8 batches while DILG issued a memorandum instructing all LGOOs to attend the said activities. After each orientation, the LGOOs were able to generate an Executive Order/Administrative Order signed by their respective mayors and governors mandating immediate creation of PIT, CIT and MIT and with funding allotment for regular meetings and other activities that the team will have to undertake.