The Commission on Population and the Department of Health Regional Offices -10 signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to sustain the radio program entitled The Papa Ardie Show.

The Papa Ardie Show is a block-time radio program of POPCOM-10 which started in 2015. The program tackles current raging population issues on family planning, responsible parenthood, teenage pregnancy, gender and development, and STI, HIV, and AIDS and others.

It gains popularity with its thousand of listeners, mostly teenagers, and adolescents, who share their views on topics discussed in the program. Aside from discussing population issues, the Papa Ardie Show also does on-air counseling to callers who share their love related problems.

The first two (2) episodes of The Papa Ardie Show aired on March 20 and 27, 2016 highlighted the Women’s Month Celebration. The show’s topic on these episodes was on Gender and Development (GAD). POPCOM-10 OIC, Regional Director Neil Aldrin G. Omega was the guest of the show. According to Director Omega, Women and men should be given equitable opportunities to get involved in tasks based on their interests and competencies. “To avoid multiple-burden among women, we should rewrite gender scripts through the sharing of roles. Change towards an equal sharing of tasks requires everyone’s commitment and perseverance”, he added.

This year, The Papa Ardie Show still airs at 96.9 Easy Rock FM. DOH-10 funded the program from March to December 2016. This is one of the strategies of POPCOM and DOH to reach and educate each household on population matters.