To effectively implement the RPRH Law in all areas, DILG National Office issued a Memorandum Circular instructing all Local Chief Executives to implement RPRH Law and Executive Order No 12 to zero unmet need. Upon knowing about this MC 2017-085, POPCOM-10 Director Jeremias Gupit immediately visited the DILG Director Mr. Arnel M. Agabe to open discussion about the possibility of disseminating widely the memo for our local partners to capably implement what is required. As agreed by POPCOM and DILG, POPCOM will orient all the LGOOs about the MC so that they can – not only capably orient the LGU assigned to them but monitor as well the LGUs compliance to the circular. One hundred twenty (120) LGOOs will be oriented and orientations are set on September 25 and October 2, 2017, in two batches.