Population and Development Integration (POPDEV)

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Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD)

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Population and Development Integration


The integration of population and development (POPDEV) into the local planning systems aims to contribute to policies that will assist the government to achieve a favorable balance between population and its distribution to economic activities and environment. This is done in various ways:

    • Conduct of capability building activities for LGUs and partner agencies (PA) on Population and Development Approach to planning, Demography, Data Analysis & Interpretation, and Population, Health & Environment (PHE)
    • Conduct of researches
    • Maintenance of POPDEV database & information system
    • Conduct of IEC/advocacy activities (e.g. Popularization of State of the Philippine Population Reports, PopDev Week)
    • Conduct of Innovative Projects
    • Monitoring of population movement through the Migration Information Centers

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Base from the 2015 CENSUS of Population: 4,297,323

Basis: 2015 PGR of 1.68

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