Population and Development Integration (POPDEV)

Responsible Parenthood - Family Planning (RP-FP)

Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD)

Gender and Development


Adolescent Health & Youth Development


The agency commits to partner with youth allies to help adolescents and youth avoid risky sexual and non-sexual behaviors (i.e premarital sex, smoking, drinking, drug-use, among others through:

    • Conduct of classes for parents and their adolescent child on the Learning Package on Parent Education (LPPED) for adolescent health & youth development
    • Conduct of IEC/advocacy activities (i.e Annual Regional Population Quiz, etc.)
    • Capability building activities for LGUs and partners on Life Skills, ARH, counseling and other related topics
    • Establishment of youth/teen centers
    • Conduct of Innovative Projects

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Base from the 2015 CENSUS of Population: 4,297,323

Basis: 2015 PGR of 1.68

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